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We are Dedicated Not Only to Do THINGS RIGHT but Always to Do the RIGHT THINGS!

    HighImpactGroup is a unique independent business company whose purpose is to inspire, engage, support and challenge companies and organizations, to continually improve their impact on society. HighImpactGroup is dedicated to produce justice for people and business capital as social responsible company on a personal and corporate level.
With all the services we provide our purpose is to serve:
     • Our Customers with creative, innovative, reliable, top-quality solutions
     • Our Employees with meaningful and challenging work, stability, good salaries, development and a pleasant work-environment
     • Our other Shareholders by providing attractive returns on their investments
     • The Country by creating knowledge and wealth and contributing to local concerns
     • Society by showing that success and high moral standards can co-exist
     • Ultimately God by being faithful and good stewards.

    HighImpactGroup desire to assist business people to see the opportunities that exist, to use their skills and talents to bless those in the poorest and most needy parts of the society, and to provide in those contexts credible opportunities to people to discover, develop and demonstrate the real LIFE. HighImpactGroup works to create a public benefit by inspiring companies and organizations to improve their positive impact of business and society.

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